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14 April 2016
14 April 2016

The Creators Project

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We got covered in The Creators Project this month.

Floting Shizuka

“Famed New York design studio Karlssonwilker teamed up with Icelandic fashion brand Saga Kakala to create a series of beautiful silk scarves that double as art pieces. The Shizuka Collection consists of 7 scarves, and is named after Karlssonwilker designer Sandra Shizuka. Each features a piece of abstract art. Some suggest specific representational imagery,  like the scarf that depicts metallic-looking machinery, while others seem like pure abstraction. Even if you don’t buy a scarf from the collection yourself, the photographs the studio offers of them are works of art in their own rights. Captured floating in mid-air, the scarves become many-colored sculptural objects.” Photo by Elisabeth Smolarz

You can read the blog here

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