-- How it all started

16 June 2016
16 June 2016

How it all started

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The idea for the Saga Kakala’s scarves came to the founder, Ingibjorg Greta at a time she led workshops and educational programs for the creative industries at the innovation center, House of ideas in Reykjavik.

Working there, she got a change to meet and work with different fashion designers, such as Helga Bjornsson, a former creative director of the Haute Couture fashion house of Louis Feraud in Paris. Helga encouraged Ingibjorg Greta to start her own design company and in addition designed the first collection for Saga Kakala, the Kachina collection.

Ingibjorg Greta finds it fascinating to work with different designers and artists, as each and everyone of them brings their own unique and extraordinary skill to the table which results in a great variety between the different Saga Kakala’s collections.

“It is always fun to work with my designers and educational at the same time, as they approach the project differently” Ingibjorg Greta describes “I am very fortunate to have this opportunity to work them”.

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